It’s strange that some AC’s are quiet while others are as loud as an engine

My wife and I spent close to six months trying to find a suitable house on the local market. We were dead set on not moving because of the proximity to both jobs and having most of our family within a 20 minute driving radius. Needless to say, we’re rooted in our community. Understandably, we stopped at nothing to find a home to buy after growing tired of rent payments getting swallowed by the void and nothing to show for it in the end. Because of our impatience, we were a bit hasty in buying this particular house. We rushed through inspections and decided to forgo necessary remodelling simply so we could meet our move out deadline in our rental—otherwise we’d be stuck with another annual lease. Once we had moved all of our belongings and furniture inside, the issues came to light one by one. The walls needed new paint, a portion of the wood flooring in the second bedroom was severely damaged, there was an electrical short in a kitchen outlet, and most annoying of all—the air conditioner is extremely loud. This air handler is by far the loudest machine I have ever used for indoor climate control. It’s louder than the dehumidifiers I have used in the past and it’s even louder than the huge portable air conditioner we were using in our previous rental. The portable air conditioner regularly disrupted my wife’s sleep, so by the time we realized how loud this central air conditioner is, it came as a significant surprise. Thankfully, we spoke to a local HVAC supplier and have several quotes on new systems, all of which are much quieter than this current beast. Plus, it’s almost 15 years old, so it’s towards the end of its lifetime anyway.

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