The dryer your house gets, the dryer your skin gets as well

My wife has struggled with severe respiratory and sinus allergies her entire life.

She had to take special medication as a child and was often hindered in playing in the school yard or during gym classes simply from the allergies’ debilitating effects.

College wasn’t any easier, as she was thrown into an old dorm that was poorly maintained and had significant mold issues in the bathroom and the room itself. By the time we met several years later, she had switched to newer medication that helped uninhibit her breathing more than the old drugs. But sadly, she still had to over compensate her indoor environment with air purifiers and a strong dehumidifier to keep the moisture in the air down. This also effectively destroys any ability mold might have to grow unnoticed. And, this makes the indoor environment exceedling dry. We have essentially the same setup in our current home as she had in her previous apartment, but in this case our dehumidifier and air purifier are both attached to the central HVAC system. This dehudmfifer is thankfully stronger than the last one, which drops the humidity down quicker and more efficiently. Although, the one side effect that I hate is having constant dry skin. My hands will get super dry and then deep cracks will form where skin bends while the muscles flex and contract. Often these cracks will bleed and many times resemble deep paper cuts. Plus, they are extremely uncomfortable and a doorway for viruses, bacteria, and pathogens to enter your blood system. We use lots of hand lotion but it only goes so far. Instead, I’m going to install a smart thermostat to better regulate the dry air indoors; there has to be a more efficient method of drying out the house.


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