I appreciate my new apartment

I stood in my study room a single day aghast at the number of chores I had waiting for myself and others throughout the house.

It was 6 weeks past my initial transport in date plus at the time I had nothing but excitement for that 2,000 square foot house.

The excitement vanished swiftly once I realized the degree of upkeep needed for minimal repair in both the inside plus the sizable yard circling the building. I didn’t have the currency for a housekeeper so I spent what little free time I had outside of labor doing chores I would normally do on a Sunday day or evening, not in the twilight hours Tuesday through Thursday. So, to solve my dilemma, I sold the apartment plus purchased a apartment that is half its size. My cleaning woes are long gone since this new beach apartment is extremely easier to maintain. I have less flooring to mop or vacuum plus an immeasurably smaller amount of surface area throughout to dust plus sanitize. But, all of these improvements came with a caveat—the air handler in the condominium is located in the attic, plus so is the filter tray for the intake. Although attics are a regular location for air handlers, this was the first time I found a device that didn’t have the filter tray inside the air return register that is either in the ceiling or on a wall. I entirely have to climb the ladder plus rummage around cobwebs plus layers of dust just to get close enough to the air handler to upgrade the air filter. But, since the plan is over 10 years old, it seems love replacing it will be unavoidable, regardless of the difficulties with the filter. Therefore, the new plan I have installed will mitigate all of these issues at once, giving myself and others filter access within arm’s reach without myself and others ever going anywhere near the attic.

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