All out of college

When most youngsters get out of college for the summer, they are severely happy because it means that they will no longer be tasked with doing homework every day or learning for pop quizzes.

For myself and others however, I am just happy that I don’t have to rest in those sizzling and miserable classrooms all day long, and unlike several of the other new colleges that are popping up around our town, I attend a legitimately seasoned and low quality high college.

The teachers don’t have passion for what they are teaching and the college is severely under equipped, but even though the sizzling season temperatures tend to stay around 85-100 degrees most mornings there is no air conditioner to be found in the entire college! There used to be air conditioner in the cafeteria during dinner our freshman year, however the weekly heating and cooling bills proved to be too overpriced for the college to afford. All we have to keep us cooled off from the deranged temperatures are ceiling fans and keeping the windows open, however luckily for myself and others our partner is a certified Heating & Air Conditioning repair tech and is able to keep our condo cooled down with the latest and greatest air conditioner units from his corporation. Now that the summer time is here I will legitimately be able to spend our mornings inside of our condo where I can work on whatever I want to and be able to put our full effort and attention towards it because I no longer have to worry about covered in sweat through our clothes! Well, at least for the next 2 months that is!

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