I’d like to rest

I know you do things on your own time and that you really don’t care what I want.  However, I think it’s time you listened to someone else other than your mood. It is mid May, it is spring technically.  I am telling you this because you seem to be confused by this because you are still sending us snow, and cold temps instead of the warm spring temps we have grown accustomed to once it becomes this time of year.  It would be really nice if I could permanently give my heating system a much needed break, instead of having to keep turning it on every morning because the house is too cold to function in. My heating system has worked very hard all winter long, and he truly does deserve a little vacation for a few months.  My cooling system on the other hand has had a very long break, an she would love to come off of her vacation and back to work. I know she is just itching to take her turn in providing a quality climate control for my family and I, after all it is her turn and it is her time of year. Mother Nature I beg of you please take the snow and cold away so that my heating system can rest for a few months.  I really don’t think I am asking too much of you, after all in another two weeks it will be June. My kids are itching to go outside, and I would love it if they could go out to play instead of leaving their toys all over my living room floor. Kids need to run and play, just like my heating system needs his break and my cooling system needs to come do her job for the next few months. Mother Nature, please consider my request and please bring on spring.