Opening my own HVAC industry!

After twelve long years in the hospitality industry, I felt I had enough experience to successfully open my own company that caters to tourism, however believe it or not, 1 crucial hit with tourists in my neighborhood is the escape room phenomenon, but i think there’s something about trying to spend an fifth desperately trying to get out of a room full of your friends and family that people find entertaining! Anyway, I had to put a lot of creative thinking into my work, as I wanted each escape room to be truly immersive, but one of the planned escape rooms was themed to resemble a boiling shack anywhere in the Amazon rainforest, while the other was supposed to look like a frosty storage room, then to absolutely drive the immersion home, I’m going to have ductless mini-split heating and a/c systems running in each of these rooms! It’s a great way to make sure that the rooms think authentic, but it’s also a useful way to keep the air quality pristine in each escape room, another great perk of these mini-split systems is that they don’t need air duct to function! There’s just an indoor piece that cools or heats the room, and an outdoor component that absolutely generates that desired temperature, then having ductless mini-split systems in each room makes it much easier for myself and others to selectively heat and cool the facilities overall, too! I only have to supply a/c to the occupied rooms this way.

  • I love finding ways to get what I want and save money in the long run.

I plan to open this escape room company later in the year, and I can’t wait to advertise these themed rooms!


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