If I were doing okay, I think exactly what I’d spend money on

There are a lot of things that I would like to have.

Of course, I am a respected person with a job and bills to pay.

So most of the time, I don’t have a ton of extra money to blow on things that I want. At this point in my life, occasionally I’m even scraping by to pay the heating and a/c bills every week. And so when I went to stay at a friend’s loft during vacation, I was amazed at 1 of the great luxuries that she had in her house, then for heating her home, they used something called radiant heated flooring, but with radiant heated flooring, rooms in modern, well-insulated homes can be madewarmand toasty! Radiant heated flooring does not heat the air the way that respected forced air heating does. With radiant heated flooring, the furnace heats whatever is in contact with it. This includes ceramic tiles or laminate flooring, carpets, or furniture, but my friend said that since radiant radiant floors heat surfaces instead of the air, she never has frosty feet anymore! This all sounds like a dream to me, since I’m constantly plagued with frosty feet. And since I can barely afford to pay my heating bills in the wintertime as it is, I would love it if my furnace were built into the floors! That would be so helpful for myself and others and my frosty feet. Anyway, my friend told myself and others that radiant radiant floors are pretty expensive and so it’s not something that I’ll be able to have installed anytime soon. But if I were rich, I’d have my Heating and Air Conditioning company install them right away!

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