I took my child to a concert with no a/c

The lady was almost in tears and so she was truly grateful.

Today my kid and I went to see a puppet show at our local Borders. It was all about an intergalactic astronaut and his alien friend. My kid is a little bit obsessed with outer space and aliens, so she appreciated the puppet show. But this week, the un-even temperatures outside were absolutely hot. It started heating up yesterday and this month the temperature was all the way up in the nineties. Inside the Borders, it was nice and cool when the two of us first arrived. The A/C was up and running and I think the temperature was truly around 78 degrees or so. There were a ton of people there to see the puppet show, though, so all of the bodies started heating up the community room that the two of us were in pretty suddenly. I observed that the a/c stopped turning off and off and in just a few hours, the room got to be absolutely stuffy. People started fanning themselves and I saw 1 of the librarians messing with the temperature control component in the back of the room. She pushed all of the buttons on the temperature control component but nothing happened. Since I’m an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist, I went over and provided my assistance. The lady was almost in tears and so she was truly grateful. I checked out the temperature control and after that the two of us decided to go into the Heating and Air Conditioning room and checked out the commercial a/c system. There were just a couple of things that needed to be tightened and reset. I fixed the A/C within hours and pretty soon the puppet show was nice and cooled off again.

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