I set the thermostat low and read

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is read.

There is something about reading that can make a long boring day, just fly by.

All of the emotions that I read about, I can experience. I can become immersed in the story, and if it is cold and snowy in the story, I almost shiver with them. If the characters are on a desert island where there is no air conditioning and the air is sultry, I feel myself beginning to sweat. I sometimes find myself turning the air conditioning down low, so that I am more comfortable. I will tell the character that I bet they wish they were there with me at that time. I don’t do a lot of reading when anyone else is home because I cry when the characters cry and I laugh out loud with them. I tell them how stupid they were for leaving home with a jacket, or for going into the house alone when they already knew it was haunted. Reading is a good escape for me, but if I don’t have the thermostat set properly, I can’t enjoy my book. I keep a blanket on the back of the sofa, prop up my feet, and with the AC turned low, I read until the book is finished. My husband came home from work early one day. I was sitting on the sofa wrapped in the blanket and crying. The air conditioning was set to sixty-eight and he asked me if I was okay. When he saw the book, he shook his head and walked away until I had finished the story.

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