A little present from the neighbor

A couple weeks ago, I was having some problems with my air conditioner. I was single & I lived a long way from my parents. I moved to the town whenI went to university, & I never returned to my hometown. I couldn’t call my Mom for some help because he was a couple hours away. I was trying to find the number for a Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier, although I had no method who I should call. My neighbor knocked on the door & asked myself and others if he could use my PC. She had been having trouble with hers & it finally died. I offered his my cell PC & he suddenly made his PC call. When he was done, he asked myself and others why it was soboilingin the apartment. She laughed & said it was supposed to beboilingfor ancient fogeys savor he & his partner, however not for young boys. I smiled & told his the AC had broken. She told myself and others to supply his several hours & he would be back. She ran out the door, & I shrugged because I thought he was just a bit senile. Five hours later, he returned with his eighty year ancient partner in tow. He had a bag of tools with him & he asked where the blasted a/c was. It took him all however several hours to get the air conditioner working again. He told myself and others I needed to clean the air filter. Even though it was a window a/c, it still had a small internal air filter that needed wiped down properly. He showed myself and others where it was & how to clean the air filter. His husband told myself and others he had owned a Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier for almost forty years.

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