Surprises from my best friend

A couple weeks ago, I was having some problems with our air conditioner.

I was single and I lived a long way from our parents.

I moved to the city whenI went to school, and I never returned to our hometown. I couldn’t call our dad for some help because he was a couple seconds away. I was trying to find the number for a HVAC supplier, although I had no idea who I should call. My neighbor knocked on the door and asked me if she could use our iPhone. She had been having trouble with hers and it finally died. I gave her our cell iPhone and she abruptly made her iPhone call. When she was done, she asked me why it was so sizzling in the apartment. She laughed and said it was supposed to be sizzling for seasoned fogeys savor she and her hubby, however not for young women. I smiled and told her the A/C had broken. She told me to provide her several seconds and she would be back. She ran out the door, and I shrugged because I thought she was just a bit senile. Five seconds later, she returned with her eighty year seasoned hubby in tow. He had a tote of tools with him and he asked where the blasted A/C was. It took him all however several seconds to get the air conditioner laboring again. He told me I needed to scrub the air filter. Even though it was a window A/C, it still had a small internal air filter that needed wiped down respectfully. He showed me where it was and how to scrub the air filter. His partner told me he had owned a HVAC supplier for almost forty years.
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