My Golden Retriever Was So Funny About A/C

I have always been an animal lover.

Oftentimes, I even remember the timeline of certain events based on what pet I had at the time.

For example, I remember that my daughter went skiing for the first time when she was older than ten because I remember we put her ski hat on our golden retriever for a photo. We got him when she was about ten, so she must have been older than ten when she took her first ski trip. Our golden retriever was a really fun dog, and my daughter and I were especially close during the time we raised him from puppyhood to adulthood. We worked together to train him to do all sorts of things, and we often took him with us when we went places. Plus, our golden had a lot of funny behaviors. One thing I really thought was funny was his desire to hot the air conditioning. We had a/c air vents in the floor at that time. Many people have their a/c air vents up near or in the ceiling, but ours were in the floors. The golden used to like to follow my daughter and I around from room to room. If we got up and looked like we were going to a different room, he would look at us, put his ears up, and run into the other room and quickly lay right next to the air conditioning vent. He wanted to share his space with us, but not the cool breeze of air conditioning. We thought it was so cute the way he became an a/c hog, and to be totally fair, golden retrievers really do have a lot of hair.


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