Computer Repairman Enters the Hole for the Last Time & Demands undefined

I used to have a genuinely superb buddy who was a software engineer.

She went to university & l acquired how to code & write software. She created various types of individualized software for companies, & she even had a contract with the Department of Defense to create some software for them. In addition to writing software, she also installed, diagnosed & repaired laptop networking stations for various companys throughout our city. There was a single company who had their laptop device housed in this actually sizzling room, & because it was so hot, the laptop device was regularly cutting down all the time. My buddy explained that laptop device requires steady, superb air conditioning to keep from overheating. She used to jokingly call that room “the hole,” & she would regularly be aggravated every time she would have to go into the air-conditioning-free room to make repairs. She explained that until they got a new locale for their device or installed satisfactory air conditioning in the hole, the systems would continue to go down. But they just would not listen. I suppose they just did not have enough cash to install a new Heating & Air Conditioning system, nor did they have space to expand & transfer the waiter & stuff into a new space. My buddy was on retainer with them, so when she came in to repair their equipment, it did not cost them anything extra. Therefore, they were not financially motivated to get superb Finally, our buddy just had to cancel their contract. It came up for renewal at a particular time, & rather than renew, she refused to provide them any service anymore. She explained she could no longer afford to spend so much time fixing their networks simply because they refused to get air conditioning!

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