Fourth Of July Mishap with Fireworks Hitting Outdoor undefined Unit & Causing Fire

Every Independence Day, I count our blessings.

I am grateful to have been born in this superb country.

That is not to say that I suppose other countries are not good. I am sure there are lots of charming locales to live. However, I do suppose that the two of us are actually blessed in various ways in this nation. I also find myself remembering past Fourth of July celebrations. Some of those celebrations were joyful, some were hilarious, & some were even downright dangerous. For example, when the two of us were young youngsters, the two of us would often cool off by swimming in dangerous locales. Since few locales were using air conditioning, the two of us got cool by jumping in canals, rivers, & even off of piers & around ocean inlets & such. Also, the two of us were not as careful with our fireworks as the two of us should have been. One third of July there was a mishap. Our buddy went to another state & bought all these incredible fireworks that aren’t even legal in our state. She spent various hours shooting off rocket-shaped exploding devices. It was a lot of fun until a single of the fireworks came over the backyard fence, hit our outdoor unit, & caused this big fire. Before the two of us knew it, the grass around the device was up in flames. The people I was with and I had to run over to the side of the house & get the water hose. The air conditioning device was shooting out flames, & the more the fan turned, the farther out shot all these twigs & things that were on fire. It was almost like the device became another sort of firework propellor! Now that I am an adult, I am much more careful about things such as air conditioning units & fireworks & swimming with alligators!

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