I am So Old I Remember Having No undefined at School

I live in the south, plus there is no doubt that a single of the things I count on every day is my

When I was a kid, I lived even further south, where the weather was even hotter, plus I highly doubt there is anyone alive down there who does not have air conditioner in their home.

Back in the day, but, I can remember going to school plus not having any air conditioner. True, the two of us did not have school while in the Summer weeks, however even so, it was just plain hot plus muggy inside those classrooms with no Most classrooms did have windows that opened, which is no longer the case, plus the two of us did open them! Classrooms also used ceiling fans. Again, most public schools this month do not have ceiling fans, plus they unquestionably never even consider opening their windows. I can’t imagine any parents even putting up with a school that did not have adequate If a public school tried to operate with a high quality, operable Heating, Ventilation & A/C system, the parents would be down there complaining at the PTA meetings plus in the office of the school board every day, however some may even choose not to send their kids to school even if the was just under repair. Today’s kids are definitely more spoiled than the two of us were as children, however I totally understand the reason why. AS an adult, I had to teach a single whole school year with no Heating, Ventilation & A/C toiling in the building where my classroom was housed. I had surgery that summer, plus I was still reuseing when school started back. It was really terrible for my health living separate from that , plus I hope to never do it again.



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