Bad Day, A/C

Last week, I had the worst week. It seemed like every single thing that could go wrong went wrong. My doctor appointment got cancelled, I lost my wallet, my dog ran away, I broke my favorite coffee mug, I dropped my phone in the bathtub, and to top it all off, my HVAC unit decided to break down. Well, if I’m mad about something, I like to go for walks. Walking seems to really clear my head whenever I’m stressed out or annoyed about something. This time, it didn’t really seem to have the same effect on me. It’s not because of anything that happened on the walk, though. It’s because when I got home from my walk, my house was almost 80 degrees because of my broken down HVAC unit! Why is it that the air conditioner always decides to stop working when the outside temperatures are the hottest? When I walked in the door from my walk and that hot air inside the kitchen hit me in the face, I almost started crying. My day was definitely not getting any better with this lack of air conditioning! On top of everything else, when I called the local HVAC company to have them send a technician out to look at my air conditioning unit, they told me that they were scheduling out a whole week in advance! I don’t know if I can live with these hot and humid temperatures for a whole week. I might have to break down and just go out and buy a window unit air conditioner. At least that way I’ll be able to sleep in the colder air.

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