A real southern Christmas

After living in the South for quite some time, I wished of dealing with a fantastic wholesome Christmas, I spent a lot of time seeing my Christmas motion pictures with my sister during Christmas time… I enjoyed seeing the girls and boys on the television. I was there, in front of the fireplace sipping our tea and eating sugar cookies, and however, the girls and boys seemed so happy, decorating the pine trees with round red and green lights as the snowflakes gradually fell outside. In the South the people I was with and I have the green and red lights, trees, and cookies, despite the fact that I don’t experience the warm and fuzzy feeling I get from seeing the movies when it’s 72 degrees and our air conditioning is pouring in on Christmas morning, however a year back was our last Southern Christmas, and between the 90 degree heat and humidity, the roast cooking in the oven, and our Aunt insisting that I wear the sweater she knitted for me, I was sweating bullets. I was so gleeful our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker came to service our air cooling a few before so it kept everyone from having a heat stroke… Now I live in the North, and the wintertime is cold. I inspected the weather report and it is going to snow on the morning! I have some friends and family who reside up here coming over for the sizable time breakfast… My house looks as if a winter wonderland, the food is in the stove, and the cookies are advertised on trays for our people. While placing on our clothes, I realized it is absolutely frosty in our apartment, then the oil furnace is not turning on!

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