Rabbit gets climate control

I live in the South where the heat and humidity in the summer makes myself and others wish I could step into a fridge.

The winters are usually mild, despite the fact that I do need to put the heat on often as I am someone who gets frosty fast.

I become upset when I am too tepid and irritated I am too chilly. I am the sort of person who is gleeful in 69 degree weather with no humidity. What also contributes to our good times is having a sweet rabbit! As a rabbit lover, I am a girl who says you should treat rabbits like family. Being part of the family means they have temperature control at home even when I am not there. Keeping the control component at a decent temperature for them is what I do; Keep in mind, our rabbit friends are covered in a layer of fuzz. The brutal summertimes are even more horrible for them! Since I am so not gleeful in serious heat or cold, I often blast the air cooling in the hot times and turn on our oil furnace in the cold times. Heat and cooling are an important area of our total happiness and the wellness of our animals, so I make sure to get routine service inspections done by Heating, Ventilation plus A/C companies. Like many women, I work during the morning and leave our furry rabbits at home. I constantly think about the rabbits before decreasing the temperature on the control unit.


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