No ac for the pregnant lady

9 months into a pregnancy is rough.

  • It is in the summer and I live in the deep south.

I know I am carrying 2 kids because I am so giant. I am giant sized and the weather goes into the 100s just about everyday. The humidity is also a real concern for me. I am hormonal, exhausted, and can barely move. My stay at home nurse recommended for myself to stay out of the heat. What am I supposed to do now? It is not particularly a great time just resting around in the A/C all morning. I want to tan, go in the pool and see the sunshine too. Also, the A/C in the beach house is not exactly in ideal condition. It gives decent cooling at best. The beach house always has a sticky vibe, just the other day, I woke up and I was covered in sweat. I immediately jogged over to the control unit. I normally toggle a dial to make the temperature decrease, and in what feels like hours our house cools down and I feel slightly better. This time, nothing altered a bit. The house must’ve been 94 degrees. I started to freak out and was upset that the meager cooling was not even sort of working. These hormones got to myself and others and I started to whine. I googled and a number for a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C corporation with ideal reviews. I called them and explained the issue at hand. They came right over for the heater and a/c emergency service.

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