High school had no cooling system

I am a teacher in the high school down south.

  • When we start college in August the air feels like a permanent steam room and the uneven hot and humid temperatures are in the triple digits.

My students are expected to listen to me, succeed on those heavy duty tests, be civilized human beings, and enjoy studying. Teachers are expected to make fun lesson plans, meet the individualized wants of 30-40 students at a time. I also have to communicate with mothers and fathers, update grades and be professional role model. However, when the air conditioning does not task in classrooms, these expectations are decreased a little bit. I entered our room on the first morning of high school, and it felt as if I walked into a sticky, tepid mess. My perfectly placed sign in sheets fell off the walls, all my makeup dripped off, and our hair began to frizz. I did not understand what to do. How can I expect our students to learn without air conditioning? I need to feel the cold air on myself and others when I instruct. I don’t want to worry about pit stains. The kids have no clear mind when they are unhappy and overheated. I tried calling the front office and they said the problem is typical for the high school A/C unit. It is an older central air component that occasionally won’t switch on, then so why don’t they get cooling maintenance before school starts? How much of a challenge can that be? With all the money the high school has, they should be able to afford a cooling service once a year. I also cannot come up with anything that is more important than A/C for a southern high school.

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