Fireplace was not an electric or a gas powered one

I decided to take Carrie on an ice skating trip. All of us found a big time log cottage in the woods right near an ice skating arena where we were going to skate. Both of us excitedly discussed what the plans were for the vacation. Hit the ice arena, go to the fitness center, and relax near the fireplace. That is all we wanted to do that first day. When Carrie and I arrived, her and I were so excited by how appealing and quaint the log cottage was. Both of us walked in the cottage, it was nice and toasty from the heat which was a nice change from the frosty hot and cold temperatures outside. All of us spent the entire 1st morning ice skating and by the time we opted to go back to the cottage it was completely dark outside. The snow was falling super fast and icicles formed on the edge of the cottage. The toasty heat from earlier seemed to have left the building from our fireplace though. I thought maybe I was missing something. Perhaps I was still chilly from being outside all morning. I asked Carrie to check the control unit, and she said it wasn’t even working and that the fireplace wasn’t turning on. All of us then realized that the fireplace was not an electric or gas powered piece. It was an authentic fireplace that heats up with wood! All of us had no spare wood in the log cottage to use for heating either. So I was forced to find wood and then dry it off before burning it up at night.


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