Should not have ran the a/c system

I had just moved into my first loft.

It was the first spot I have moved to since living with my father and step-mother.

I was forced to move in the summer, however not a big deal right? The feeling of independence excited me, however the responsibilities of adulthood was an issue to me. My step-mother made a list of things to do that I needed to finish before I move. I needed to disinfect the whole house, check the electricity and stop using the A/C system. I found that sort of weird. My step-mother said that I did not want to pay a high energy bill right before moving. I also did not want to pay for A/C when the door was closing and opening during the moving process. So we all had to move our belongings with no A/C whatsoever. It was just plain awful. The experience was such a sweaty 1. I had sweat pouring down my head, back and down our arms. It was such a sticky, wet experience. All the furniture kept slipping out of my arms. I get what my step-mother was saying. Save A/C where you can. But I know I would have paid a little bit of cash to have that A/C for breaks while moving. My step-mother then said our modern locale needed to get an A/C tune up before I even ran the device. I should have called a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C corporation to take care of it right that day. I did call a local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker to check it out. But, I did not call them until after I was running it for quite some time.


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