HVAC instructor created exam for students

My name is Steve and I am an instructor at an HVAC school.

When I was younger, I learned two things about myself; that I like working with my hands and I like to educate others.

I started my career as an HVAC technician for an HVAC company and developed a passion for helping others achieve quality heating and cooling in their homes. As my career progressed, I realized that I like training other HVAC technicians and wanted to teach. I am giving a test to my current class to see if they have the knowledge of key HVAC terms that must be understood to pass my class. The test will start off with a series of matching questions that use key vocabulary terms such as heating, cooling, ductless mini split, ductless multi split, furnace, hydronic heater, and more. It is imperative that students can define these key terms to be successful in the HVAC field. The second part of the test will consist of a written response. Students must respond to the following prompt in a one page essay: Imagine you are sent out on an assignment to do routine HVAC maintenance and you find that there are many issues with the client’s HVAC systems. In addition to the issues, the client thinks that he is a heating and cooling expert and does not always listen to professional advice. To start, their central heating and air conditioning need repair. They want to install heated floors but they do not have the money to do so. They are interested in installing a wireless thermostat but they don’t even have wifi set up in their home. How would you be the best HVAC technician possible in this situation?

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