My students always complained about the air conditioning in my classroom

The first three years of my teaching career were spent in a classroom that was absolutely freezing! The extreme cooling felt great in August when I had to set up my classroom in the heat, but was uncomfortable for my students most of the year.

I put in several maintenance requests to the main office and they always stated that there was nothing they could do to control the temperature in my classroom. Each classroom has a thermostat, but when I tried to push the buttons to adjust the temperature nothing changed. My students often complained that the air conditioning made them tired and that’s why they didn’t want to complete their work. There were three vents in the front of my classroom and the desks were also facing the front, so the cool air was blowing on the students. I decided to turn the desks around, but that didn’t help the problem. I went back to the office and complained again and this time I emphasized that the quality of air conditioning and lack of thermostat control was hindering the success of students in my classroom. The secretary finally called an HVAC company to come to the school. The HVAC repairman came to my classroom and my students kept asking him if he would make the room warmer because the air conditioning is too cold. The HVAC repairman was very patient with my students and finally fixed the problem. He said that there were issues with the HVAC unit in my classroom and that he would talk to my Principal about air conditioning service plans for the rest of the school and setting up an air conditioner service plan for the future.

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