Air conditioning can prevent people from fainting

My friends and I decided to go to an amusement park on a hot summer day.

Roller coasters, fried foods, games and gift shops appealed to me even though it was super hot and humid.

My friends and I made a point to drink lots of water and step into air conditioned shops throughout the day to make sure we didn’t overheat. Also, some of the rollercoasters had indoor waiting areas that had central air for people while they waited on line. Taking these precautions of drinking water and stepping into air conditioned places kept us safe that day. My Uncle owns an HVAC business and he told me that many people take the benefits of air conditioning for granted. I never really paid attention to what he meant until this day. My friends and I decided to wait in line for the newest roller coaster that was supposed to be the most exhilarating in the whole theme park. The line for this roller coaster happened to be outside in the beaming sun without an air conditioned waiting area. We were waiting for about an hour and it was getting really hot. Although I wished I was in air conditioning, I felt okay because I was drinking water. All of a sudden, a teenage girl passed out right in front of me on the line. I panicked because the line was so long and crowded that I didn’t know what to do. I tracked down an amusement park employee that was able to get help. The girl was carried out on a stretcher and immediately taken into an air conditioned area. The paramedics told me that she hadn’t stepped into the air conditioning all day. Now I will listen when my Uncle, the manager of an HVAC business gives advice.
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