HVAC knowledge is important when moving into your first place

Renting our purchasing your first home is a huge milestone in life.

For the first time, your parents are not taking care of responsibilities for you.

You are able to make your own decisions and have freedom. However, freedom comes with more responsibilities such as having to pay bills and figure things out for yourself. Many teenagers don’t pay attention to heating and cooling when they live with their parents. In fact, they probably only pay attention if the temperature does not prove indoor comfort. They don’t realize that heating and cooling costs money and needs routine maintenance. It is important for first time renters and buyers to understand basic HVAC concepts. This article will list basic information about HVAC that renters and buyers should know: 1. Know where your thermostat is and to adjust it based on the temperature and whether you will be home or not 2. Know how to change air conditioning filters 3. Change air conditioning filters every few months 4. Know if your home has a furnace and the location of it 5. Compile a list of local HVAC companies and contact for routine HVAC maintenance and heating and air conditioning repairs if necessary 6. Be aware of the type of heating and air your home has: central heating and air conditioning, hydronic heating, whole home heating, hybrid heating, space heaters, etc. 7. Check for mold on air conditioning filters 8. Clean dust off of vents. This may seem like a lot of information, however it is important to be knowledgeable about your HVAC in your home so you don’t have any issues with indoor comfort.
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