Heat wasn’t working during final exams

I completed my undergraduate degree at a University in the north. I love school and going to class, but night classes in the winter were challenging due to the cold. I have vivid memories of walking from my heated dorm room into the frigid winter air. I bundled up with puffy coats and gloves but my body still shook during my short walk to class. Luckily, my Professors always turned the heat on and set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature for students. Walking out of class at night into the dark was also uncomfortable but I didn’t mind once I made it back into my heated dorm room. Our thermostat was old and the radiator made lots of noise, but the heat kept my roommate and I warm and comfortable. Finals week was one of the most stressful times of the year. Right before the holidays, students were mentally and physically drained. One of my final exams was scheduled on the coldest day of the year. My Professor was tough and decided not to cancel it. I trekked through the snow to class and the heat wasn’t on. My Professor wrote a note on the board that said “ Thermostat isn’t working. HVAC company will be here tomorrow. I wish we had a fireplace. I know it’s cold, keep your jacket on.” I couldn’t believe that the heat was broken on today out of all days. I kept my jacket on, envisioned myself in front of a warm fireplace and even though I was cold I finished my final on time.


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