My teacher didn’t like using the air conditioner

My math teacher was the worst math teacher in the world, for many reasons.

  • First of all, he wasn’t a good teacher.

He would try to teach us math, but we would usually have to try to figure out things on our own because math wasn’t his first subject. Secondly, our teacher was never on-time when it came to grading our homework and quizzes. We never knew where we were falling behind in, so we couldn’t improve effectively. Also, our teacher was dreadfully stern about how he used the air conditioner in our classroom. He was a stickler on keeping the air conditioner off throughout the entire Summer. It was incredibly strange. He was a big guy, and the hotter temperatures were obviously affecting him. The air conditioner would have made him a lot more comfortable. But he would choose not to use the air conditioner regardless of our discomfort and his. I secretly believed that he didn’t want to use the air conditioner because he didn’t like us. He would fight all of our complaints and whining about using the air conditioner and threaten to get us in trouble. The only time that he would turn on the air conditioner is if the school made it mandatory if the heat outside was dangerous. Even at that point, he set the thermostat on the air conditioner so high that it would barely run. I was so glad when I left his class and got a new teacher that actually used the air conditioner. I don’t understand what kind of maniac my math teacher was.

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