From a nerd to a successful HVAC technician

I was always a little nerdy when I was in school. I always finished my homework when I went home and studied all sorts of things that were fascinating to me. I actually enjoyed school because I had access to all these learning tools. I remember one science teacher I had thought I had a gift and could really do whatever I wanted to in life. He actually got me interested in heating and cooling technology. It was something he was fascinated with as well and his brother was actually an HVAC technician. That’s when I got to talking to him about that profession and it sounded very interesting to me. He let me borrow some books he had about the HVAC industry and I just soaked them up. After that, I knew that’s what I wanted to do for my career. I would be like a superhero going to people in need and saving them from a terrible situation with their non-working climate control systems! That sounded like something that was very fulfilling and it didn’t hurt that the pay was really good. So from then on, I learned everything I could about heating and cooling technology. Eventually I went to a trade school to become an HVAC technician and I was the top of my class! I was so happy when I graduated because I met the owner of a successful HVAC company with a fabulous reputation, and he hired me right on! It was my dream come true when I became an official HVAC technician and I took my job very seriously. I made sure to do the best work that I could do!

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