Something must have died in my vents

I hate using my furnace or my air conditioner.

  • It isn’t that I don’t like a climate-controlled temperature.

On the contrary, my favorite part of Winter is feeling the warm air blow out of the vents, and my favorite part of Summer is feeling cool air blow from the vents. The temperatures outside are never comfortable, so it is the job of the HVAC units to keep us comfortable inside of our home. However, when I turn on my furnace or my air conditioner now, I am completely miserable. That is because both of my HVAC units are forced-air units, and I am pretty sure that something nasty is trapped inside of my vents. Whenever my furnace or air conditioner turns on, this terrible stench starts blowing from my vents, and it makes all of us gag. I called the HVAC company to see what they could do. After the HVAC technician arrived at our home, he turned on the air conditioner and confirmed that we had a “blockage” in our vent system. The HVAC technician climbed into the attic and began exploring the ductwork to find the smell. After a few hours, he asked for a trash bag. When he climbed out of the attic, he was carrying a bag with two large animals in there. Apparently, one of the ducts for our HVAC units had ripped, and two animals got trapped in there and died. They had been decomposing, and the smell was being forced out when our air conditioner or furnace was running. Now, we should be able to use our HVAC units without any smell.

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