My brothers roommate likes the oil furnace on in the summer

My older brother has been living with a roommate since he left our parents at 18 years old.

He always tells me it’s not as glamorous as I’d think.

Living on your own is great, but a roommate is really just a good way to be able to afford getting out of our parent’s home! He’s told me it’s not all bad, even though he’s had some questionable roommates in the past, he likes the one he has now. The only thing they argue about is their oil furnace. He usually likes it cooler in the apartment, so he doesn’t even like to turn on their oil furnace. My brother will adjust the temperature control on their actual heating and cooling unit to keep the house warm when it’s too cold. Mainly because he’s using it already for the cool air. His roommate on the other hand, uses the oil furnace every day, and makes the entire apartment uncomfortable. He will set the furnace to something over 80 degrees on an already hot day. Then, to top it off, they have both their heating and cooling unit going, and their oil furnace because neither will back down. My brother said his monthly bill is super high. My brother doesn’t even agree with the fact that they should split the bills halfway because he thinks his roommate is crazy. If my brother ever adjust the temperature control on the furnace, his roommate can tell almost immediately and a fight will start. It’s sad, because my brother really likes living with the guy, he just hates the temperature of their apartment. I think that because of that issue, my brother is going to move out and find a new roommate.



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