My sisters roommate is too cheap to purchase an air conditioning for their apartment

One day when my sister got home from work, she came back to find that her door was open.

My sisters landlord told her that she’d be moving in with no air conditioning system in her apartment. My sister didn’t really care because she was paying practically nothing for her rent. Plus, the low price was allowing her to get out of our parents house. She was moving in with a roommate, one of her good friends. She figured she’d be able to afford a cheaper air conditioning system in the meantime. That is exactly what she did. She purchased a window air conditioning unit for her bedroom and offered to split the cost of another window A/C unit for the living room with her friend. Her friend told her that she couldn’t afford the cost of any kind of air conditioning, but told my sister that if she bought it herself, eventually she’d pay her back. My sister was not about to fall for something like that. She just told her friend to save her money and they’d buy one together, later. Once Summer hit, her roommate started complaining that the house was way too hot. Since it had been months and there was still no air conditioning in any room but my sisters, I could only imagine how hot it was in their apartment. My sister knew that leaving her door open would defeat the purpose of her having an air conditioning in her room, so she kept her door closed in an attempt to keep her room cool and comfortable. One day when my sister got home from work, she came back to find that her door was open. Apparently her friend decided to open her door while she was gone in an effort to cool down the rest of the house. My sister was so mad because her a/c unit got over worked and started to freeze over, and the apartment wasn’t even cool because one window air conditioning unit can’t cool an entire living space down. I don’t know how much longer they’ll be living together.

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