The Heating and Air Conditioning contractor still hasn’t fixed my brothers air conditioning

My brother didn’t know there was anything wrong with his Heating and Air Conditioning unit, until he had a standard inspection done for several of the units in this building.

  • They gave all the residents a list of the components they needed to be updated with the condenser of their air conditioning.

Not everyone called a specialist to come out and fix the issues. My brother, as well as a few others, decided to take matters into their own hands. My brother was telling me that when he started to replace the parts that the specialist told him to replace, his air conditioners stopped working altogether. My brother didn’t know what he did wrong, because he replaced the parts on his air conditioning system exactly how they were. However, since his a/c unit wasn’t working anymore, he called the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor back out to his place to fix his air conditioning. They came out, updated the parts on the air conditioning, and then found that with those repairs, he still needed a new part. Apparently the part he needed was on back order and it would take a while before it could come in. The Heating and Air Conditioning contractor told my brother that they’d handle it, and call him as soon as the part was in. My brother just told me that all this happened about 2 weeks ago, and his air conditioning is still not fixed! No call from the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor yet. My brother is not happy. I wouldn’t be happy either if I was about to go on week 3 of no a/c circulating through my home!

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