My sister is going through a lawsuit with a Heating and Air Conditioning business

My sister never thought she’d be in a lawsuit.

Near the end of last Winter, her oil furnace stopped working.

She always has extra money for disasters such as this, so she called a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor and asked if they’d send a specialist to her house to fix the oil furnace. My sister was telling me when the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist came, she didn’t have a good feeling from the start. This guy looked dirty and unprofessional. She then told me that she decided to give them a shot, because their prices were the best in town. She continued to check the guys progress with the furnace every few minutes while he was there. She said that he spent a lot of time on his phone. In fact, he was there for an hour at least, and it looked like he had done nothing but look around on his apps. My sister had had enough, she knew nothing had been done at a certain point, so she complained to him that he needed to get started. WIth that, he quickly took her oil furnace apart, figured out the problem, and fixed it. This actually impressed her, until he tried to charge her for the 4 hours that he had been there when it only took him 10 minutes to fix the issue at hand. My sister refused to pay for him to scroll through his phone for over 3 hours. She immediately called his boss, and his boss told my sister that he would sue her if she didn’t pay for the Heating and Air Conditioning work. WIth that, my sister called her lawyer, and took them to court over the payment for the service of her Heating and Air Conditioning unit. I can’t believe there are people like that company and worker out there.
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