My sister loves brick houses, but I think they’re a pain

My sister loves brick homes. I don’t get it. They’re nice to look at but such a pain to fix up. It’s not as straight-forward when it comes to matching furniture and decorations. What my sister probably doesn’t know, is that brick houses are harder to clean, and harder to renovate. If you wanted to replace electrical or Heating and Air Conditioning units in a brick house, it won’t be easy or cheap. With standard drywall, you can’t just remove a section and run electrical for a Heating and Air Conditioning unit! My sister is going to have a difficult time trying to run vents throughout any brick house she has. Whoever thought to build homes out of brick didn’t have Heating and Air Conditioning in mind. Obviously that was because they couldn’t look into the future. Heating and Air Conditioning is something that came much, much later. That’s why houses advanced to keep up with the times. You have very few possibilities for adding heating or cooling in your brick home. You can add a window air conditioning unit, or something portable in that fashion. However, it’s not going to be something that. If you want something a little more permanent, and you live in a brick home, you better have some money to invest in the construction needed to tear it all apart.



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