I woke up to a nightmare scream

There is nothing worse than being awakened from a sound sleep by a child’s scream.

I had left my son with a babysitter while my wife and I went out for dinner.

I would have never thought that two hours could cause such turmoil in our home. I knew our furnace was noisy at night. The furnace was getting old and there wasn’t much I could do other than to replace. I knew that replacing the furnace was in the cards for the following year, but now I’m thinking it will happen this year. Our babysitter had allowed our seven year old son to watch a movie about ghosts. When he heard the sound of the furnace, he thought he heard a ghost in the house and he freaked out. It scared me so badly that I thought I was going to pee my pants. I ran to him and he was shivering with fear. He told me he heard a ghost and he told me about the movie he had watched. I told him it was just the furnace and he had heard it a thousand times, but he didn’t want to hear my explanation. He wanted me to ‘extorcize’ the ghost out of the house. I was not going to do an exorcism for a furnace so I told him I would call the HvAC company and have the furnace fixed. This calmed a little but I still ended up sleeping with him for an hour. The next day I called the HVAC company and made arrangements to have a new furnace installed in our home.

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