It’s time to take a break

I know you’re almighty and super powerful… I know you don’t care about us stupid little humans down here on earth… but do you care about high tech machinery? Personally, I think it’s time you listened to someone else other than your mood when determining the conditions each day.  It is mid May, it is Springtime technically, but I’m freezing. I am telling you this because you seem to be confused by the seasons. As far as I know, you are still sending us snow, in addition to freezing temps instead of the usual sizzling Springtime temps the people I was with and I have personally grown accustomed to once it becomes this time of year.  I think that would be really nice if I could permanently just supply our furnace a much needed break, instead of having to continually turn it on every morning because the apartment is too freaking freezing to function in. My furnace has worked easily difficult shifts all Winter season long, in addition to he legitimately does deserve to get a little vacation for a few weeks.  My cooling system on the other hand has probably had a easily long break, an he would like to come off of his own vacation in addition to back to work. I think he is just itching to take his first turn in providing a quality climate control for our whole family in addition to I, after all it is his turn in addition to it is his time of year to take over. Mother Nature I beg of you please take the snow in addition to freezing air away so that our furnace can rest for a few weeks at least.  Mother Nature, please consider our respectful request in addition to please bring on Springtime.

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