She means good but she wastes money

My mom is someone who loves to purchase things if she thinks she is going to save money.

She is actually quite good with her money, but if someone can give her reason to need an item and it is on sale, she will buy it.

This never really bothered me until recently. She and dad had bought a new HVAC system about six years earlier. She had to call the HVAC company for their annual service on the furnace. Normally, she would wait for dad to be home or call one of us kids to be there when the HVAC technician showed up. She hated being around strangers if there wasn’t anyone else in the house. For some reason, she allowed this HVAC technician to come into the house and work on the furnace, when she was alone. This happened to be the one time when she should not have done this. Most HVAC technicians have a lot of scruples, but this one did not. He recognized the side of mom that couldn’t resist a good deal. He told her that there were quite a few problems with the furnace and it would be much cheaper to replace the furnace than to repair it. He showed her a new furnace and gave her what sounded like a fair price. It would have been a fair price if she had needed the furnace. Dad was so upset when she told him she had just bought a new furnace. He was angry, but because he couldn’t believe the HVAC tech had taken advantage of her.

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