I can’t believe I asked what is Zone Control.

Did you ever have one of those moment when you just wanted to hit yourself upside the head because you had just made a dumb statement or asked a dumb question? I came from a long line of HVAC technicians.

My husband is a HVAC technician.

The other day everyone was sitting around talking and the guys started talking about their jobs. I had been hearing about Zone Control all my life and we even had it in our house. Zone Control is a simple installation of valves into the ductwork to allow the heating or cooling to be directed into different areas. This allows for some rooms to be totally shut off from the heating or cooling, or to just have the amount of heating or cooling lessened or increased. I wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation and I was looking at my phone. My husband was a smart aleck and he turned around and asked me a question about Zone Control. Before I even thought about what he was asking, I asked him a question that did not come out as I had thought it would. I asked him what is Zone Control. I knew immediately that I had just made a major faux pax as everyone began to laugh. I turned red and knew that from now on, I had to listen to the conversation when around a bunch of HVAC technicians. They were talking about a newly remodelled house down the block that needed to have Zone Control installed before the HVAC job was completed. They asked me if I wanted to call to make an appointment for one of them to install the Zone Control.

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