I knew I needed a new HVAC system when winter arrived

This year, summer was really mild in our area.

I could count the amount of times I had my air conditioning on, on one hand.

It was nice to not need to turn on the air conditioning every day. We only have a couple of window air conditioning because we have many mild summers, but this year, we seldom got out of the seventies and no one is complaining. When winter came around, it was the exact opposite. It had been a long time since we had such a cold and snowy winter and I could tell because of my house. It was so cold in the house that I felt like I was going to freeze. I had the heating turned off in all of the rooms but the ones we were actually living in. I was trying to force as much heat into the living area and my bedroom, as I could. Nothing seemed to be helping regardless of what I did. I knew I had to call the HVAC company and have them come out to the house. He checked the entire house and he said there didn’t seem to be any air leaks anywhere, and he thought maybe there were some problems with the ductwork. After he did a good inspection, he found that there was a hole where the seem was in the ductwork leading directly from the furnace. My basement was plenty warm enough, but it wasn’t’ getting up into the upstairs. He fixed the hole in the ductwork, and I had a nice warm house again.

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