I didn’t need to call the HvAC company.

My wife feels that if anything goes wrong with the house, you need to call a professional.

Her parents had always been this way and she was that way.

I was brought up in a home where you never called a professional. If mom and dad weren’t able to fix the broken appliance, then it was time to replace it. I had the opportunity to watch my dad fix an air conditioner once. The next time he had to fix a different air conditioner, he allowed me to do it. I was only six years old and in awe of my dad. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven when he gave me the chance to fix the air conditioner by myself. He told me to treat it like a puzzle. The pieces can only go together one way and you had to put them in the way they came out. I remembered that advice even to this day when I was doing blueprints for machinery. Last week, my wife asked me to call the HvAC company. She said there were some odd noises coming from the air conditioning unit and she wanted it to be fixed. I remembered fixing the air conditioner with my dad and I knew this one couldn’t be much worse. I tore the AC unit apart, only to find that the fan blade was bent. I carefully straightened out the fan blade and put the AC unit back together. The air conditioning was working perfectly. She thanked me for doing what she asked and I only said you are welcome.
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