I won’t pay for the HVAC

I know that I need to pay the bills that come into the house.

I also know that it isn’t my fault that the energy bill is so high.

I’m not home very often and I am not the only one who lives in this house. I share the house with another girl and she works at night. I work during the day and when I come home, the house is always like living inside an iceberg. I asked her if she changes the setting on the thermostat and she always says no. I can only imagine that a little leprechaun comes into the house when she is sleeping and he dances around the living room with the thermostat down to sixty-five. I have come in after work and had to up the thermostat because it was so cold in the house. I tried to tell her that I wasn’t angry, but if she had to have the thermostat set so low, she had to start paying the energy bill that comes with the lower setting on the thermostat. My neighbor told me that this house needed a new heating and air conditioning system long before I moved in, but the landlord wouldn’t install it. I’m not about to do the job of the landlord any more than I am going to pay the energy bill that is created by a roommate that doesn’t care. I think I will just look for another apartment and not tell her. When the lights are turned off and she doesn’t have any air conditioning because of non-payment, I’m sure she’ll figure out that I’m gone.


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