Looking forward to a new home.

For years, we have been living in an old house and the landlord doesn’t want to fix anything.

We have done all of the repairs and the cost has come out of our pockets.

When it came to the HVAC system, we refused to make the repairs. We were already working on purchasing a house. We would have our own repairs to make since the new house doesn’t have a good HVAC system. When we do the repairs or replace the HVAC system in the house, it will be ours. We will be the ones benefiting from the excellent heating and air conditioning in the house, and not someone else. We already talked to the HvAC contractor to tell him what kind of HVAC system we wanted installed. We talked about getting radiant heating flooring, but after a lot of talking, we really only wanted to have the bathroom floors heated. We also didn’t want to have a heating system that requires any kind of fossil fuel or non-replenishable fuel. After talking for about two weeks, our only real options were geothermal HVAC which was way too expensive or a heat pump. An actual heat pump wouldn’t keep our home warm and we would still need some kind of heating system. We opted for a mini split system that would give us heating and air conditioning. It was energy and cost efficient and as long as we had a generator, we never had to worry about not having any heating or air conditioning. We can’t wait until we get to move into the house.

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