How I discovered my favorite restaurant

Most of my friends remember growing up in this town and it really seems like nothing has equally changed and all of that time. More than one things remain the same and that includes all of the mobile trailers that you see along side of the road. Several days ago, my friends and I were working on a project and we got sent home from work when the machines failed. Every one of us were going to head right back to our own place, when we noticed a new Diner has open at the broad side of town. We never take that back way to see those streets, but we were on a leisurely ride home in the afternoon since work ended early. The new place definitely caught our attention, and every one of my friends and I quickly parked the truck and headed inside. The place had a Hawaiian theme, but the indoor air was quite on point. It was cool, Breezy, and very comfortable. Considering the outdoor temperatures were almost 94 degrees, I was really pleased with the comfortable temperatures inside the establishment. My friends and I tried a lot of dishes that we’ve not had before, and we had a really fun experience. The light and atmosphere inside really made the feeling authentic. The temperatures were perfect and my friends and I enjoyed most of our meal. The only thing that struck us wrong was the desert, which seemed to taste like runny oatmeal. Other than that, the food, service, and indoor atmosphere was perfect.


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