How in the world do you get rats in the ductwork?

My husband and I haven’t had our house for too long, but we’ve been here for a few years.

Over the last couple of months, both of us have heard some strange sounds coming from the ductwork.

At first, it seemed clear that these noises were just the normal sounds coming from our home and all of the components. After some additional time, it seemed like our airflow was reduced. Both of us felt it was time to contact a professional heating, ventilation, and AC mechanic. My friends and even some of my family members speculated on what the problem could be. None of us guest anything close to what was actually the issue. The both of us realized after a short amount of time with the heating, ventilation, in addition to AC professional that we had a rat infestation in our garage. It seemed that the ductwork may be infested completely, and the heating, ventilation, and AC professional was not going to crawl through the place looking. He didn’t have that type of expertise and suggested that we contact the type of professional that could provide services. The both of us had no idea how those rats seemed to crawl into our heating, ventilation, and AC duct work, but it cost $300 from the Exterminator and another hundred and fifty dollars from the heating, ventilation, and AC professional to solve the damage that these little Vermin did. If I see another rat in my house, I am going to scream and maybe even sell my place. I’m not living in a house infested with tiny creatures.

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