I’m ready to go somewhere else

Membership prices for my gym have gone up this month, and I’m really starting to get upset.

I don’t mind paying a little bit more for my particular gym, but I’m considering leaving this faithful place.

My fitness and well-being is always a concern, but my gym experience is deteriorating for the quality. The last problem was this weekend, when the thermostat wasn’t working. It’s normally Breezy and a bit comfortable inside the workout areas, but it seemed a door very warm and clammy. I asked someone to adjust the inside temperatures, and they told me that the weather conditions controlled machine was now being controlled by the higher-ups. They could no longer adjust the temperatures, which were going to be set at 74 degrees from now on. They tried to give me some song and dance about the warmer temperatures helping with losing weight and being fit, but it sounded like a bunch of bull to me. My friends as well as most of my family members were not sold on the crazy ideas, and we equally knew this problem was likely due to money issues. The both of us walked out those doors and we’re determined to search down another gym in the area with reasonable membership fees. As it turns out, the people I was with as well as myself had no idea that we could find even better rates at many gyms in the area. Since we were satisfied for a long time, we never even thought about going somewhere else. Maybe it was a blessing that the gym started messing with the heating, ventilation, and AC component.
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