Dreaming of retiring to the mountains

My wife and I have always dreamed of retiring to the mountains and getting away from the boiling and humid weather of the South.

  • Quite honestly, the two of us are fatigues of everything in the South.

The people I was with and myself having easily superb home and we have a lot of friends that equally want to live in this area. Unfortunately, it seems like the temperatures are getting warmer and warmer. Even this fancy house is not enough to control these weather conditions. My fancy place has several different locales, and we even have two air conditioners but it’s still not enough for these hot temperatures. My wife and I have equally dreamed of moving up to the mountains and being able to open up the windows during the summer. I would prefer a place where the AC doesn’t have to be used at all during the year. I would almost trade having to use that AC for going to use a fireplace. I generally have consistent favorite cool temperatures, and I prefer them over this warm weather. Cities out in the midwest don’t look as good as some cities that are on the northernmost borders. All of those winter season seemed pretty brutal to some, but after dealing with all of the hottest temperatures of the South, I would pay some very good money just to get a job up North. This is one of the main reasons why we are tempted with the prospect of moving to an entirely new region. We’ve talked with the idea for at least 15 years now.


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