I realized that I get less work done when fidgeting over indoor temperatures

After years of making my rounds in various call centers here locally, I ended up in a credit collections company where I am now.

  • Genuinely, the work is horrible.

My clients are unsuspecting citizens who are either late on credit card payments or have a loan or bill sitting in collections. I’m the person who gets the privilege of harassing these people by repeatedly calling them in the hopes that they will accept the call and agree to some kind of payment agreement. I haven’t had much luck with collecting debts I have been assigned to by my manager. But, instead of placing all the blame on my work ethic or even the nature of the job itself, I began to realize that I constantly felt physically uncomfortable from the moment I walked in each morning until the moment I stepped out into the open air in the evenings. Our cubicles get extremely uncomfortable in the hot and humid office space that we all share. The few positive work experiences I have in my past were often in buildings with sufficient air conditioning and ventilation. If you have to stop and itch your arm or fidget constantly to stay focused on your work, the work will more likely than not suffer because of it. I asked my manager if there was any possibility of lowering the air conditioner slightly but he explained that the building needed a new system altogether. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the budget currently to get the air conditioner working properly. I’m already looking for a new job. If I hate what I do and constantly feel uncomfortable while doing it, what’s the point anymore? Assuming I find a suitable job in the next few weeks, I’m getting out of here as quickly as I can.

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