I wished I was an HVAC technician

My friend has always been a little awkward with the ladies. He is really smart and he happens to be an HVAC technician, so he definitely is skilled. I just wish he had more confidence when approaching the ladies for dates. We were hanging out at the bar one day just having some drinks. I told him to approach this group of ladies and he seemed nervous. He worked up his nerve and he just made a fool of himself. The ladies were laughing about his awkwardness and I felt bad. Then the A/C in the bar quit working. The owner checked the thermostat and couldn’t get the A/C to work again. My friend told the owner that he was an HVAC technician and he would be happy to take a look at the HVAC unit. The owner was surprised and agreed to let him take a look. My friend worked some serious magic on that HVAC unit and had that A/C working in 10 minutes flat! It was just so impressive and the owner of the bar gave everyone a free drink thanks to my buddy who fixed the A/C in only 10 minutes! After that, the ladies were swooning over my buddy! They looked at him with total admiration and were basically fighting over him. It was satisfying as well as funny to watch. We had a real great night having drinks and at the end of the evening, he ended up leaving with a very attractive woman. It made me wish I was an HVAC technician.

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