Disconnecting from the city

After having lived in one of the most populated cities for the past five years I am started to feel pretty overwhelmed.

I decided that the best thing to do was try to take a break from it all and live out in the country for the summer. I rented out my apartment to a couple and packed up my bags. I rented a small cabin in the woods that was far away from civilization and only had the bare essentials which is just what I was looking for. Even though I no longer had the state of the art air conditioning in my penthouse apartment I found myself enjoying my summer much more than I had in the past. The thing that I loved the most about it was how little I had to rely on random people just to maintain a safe and well functioning home. There was no longer the need to book appointments with my HVAC repairman in order to fix up my unit which was also something that I loved. All that I had to worry about was making sure that I had on enough sunscreen! Being able to take a step away from the constant noise that comes with living in the city really made me start to consider making the move out here in the woods all by myself. I don’t think that my parents would be big supporters due to how addicted they are to modern luxuries like air conditioning and wifi, but when it all comes down to it is my life, not theirs!


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